About WildlyRead

Welcome to WildlyRead, where I can’t claim to be widely read (I’m a little light on classics and non-fiction, specifically), but I can claim to read voraciously and discuss books passionately.

Book Beach PicMy name is BrocheAroe (pronounced, vaguely, bruh-khuh a-roy), a portmanteau of my tribal names: Broche, meaning blessing/blessed from the Hebrew of my Levite Tribe, and Aroe, meaning spirit from the Bororo of my Aroroe Tribe in Brazil. I grew up traveling the world with my Anthropologist parents, and consequently feel comfortable in city, town, or country, connecting with all types of people. I’m a bookaholic, with undergraduate degrees in English and Anthropology, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing Literature for Children. I’ve worked in a museum library, a corporate bookstore (only once! #IndiesFirst), numerous independent bookstores, two publishing companies, and as an English teacher.

Currently, I’m a children’s bookseller, frontline bookseller (meaning adult books, too), and Publicity Assistant at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC. Any extra time I have is spent working on my own writing: I’m querying a picture book, working on the first draft of a beginning reader chapter book series about 2 dogs and their 2 moms, revising my young adult manuscript, and writing my first adult novel. Ultimately, I work hard to improve communication, foster cross-cultural exchange, and build community in both my personal and professional lives.

You can find me on Facebook, Goodreads, and Instagram, and can reach me at wildlyread(at)gmail(dot)com.

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