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WildlyRead began back in 2009 on Blogger. I was working as the Children’s Department Manager for The Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley, Massachusetts, and wanted a larger platform through which to interact with the great wide reading world out there. Because apparently talking to other booksellers and customers all day long wasn’t enough.

I called my blog WildlyRead, because while I do read a wide range of topics, subjects, genres, styles, etc. etc. etc., I don’t want to claim actually being “widely read”. There are hundreds of classics out there I haven’t gotten to, and I’m a little light on the entire category of non-fiction. I am, however, WILDLY read, as I try to devour over 100 books a year, often reading several at the same time.

Other the years, WildlyRead moved to a WordPress platform, and is now part of the larger WildlyLived online home for my book blogging, travel blogging, photography, arts & crafts, and other creative pursuits. WildlyLived is the hub for WildlyMade (photography, cards, books, and other hand-made/created items), WildlyRead (book blogging), and WildlyTraveled (travel blogging). It sounds like a lot, but really, I just like to be organized.


Visiting the Puhoi Town Library on the North Island in New Zealand

So who’s actually writing this? My name is BrocheAroe (pronounced, vaguely, bruh-khuh a-roy), a portmanteau of my tribal names: Broche, meaning blessing/blessed from the Hebrew of my Levite Tribe, and Aroe, meaning spirit from the Bororo of my Aroroe Tribe in Brazil. I grew up traveling the world with my Anthropologist parents, and consequently feel comfortable in city, town, or country, connecting with all types of people. I’m a recovering bookaholic, with undergraduate degrees in English and Anthropology, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing Literature for Children. I’ve worked in a museum library, a corporate bookstore (only once! #IndiesFirst), numerous independent bookstores, two publishing companies, and as an English teacher.

Currently, I’m putting my Anthropology degree to work as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for an international education program provider, meaning I split my time between the United States and New Zealand. I also continue to take on independent clients as I began my own consulting business in 2013, doing business and marketing development. Any extra time I have is spent working on my first adult novel (with the occasional freelance writing gig on the side). Ultimately, I work hard to improve communication, foster cross-cultural exchange, and build community in both my personal and professional lives.

Having declared 2017 The Year of Non-Fiction, that’s what I’m focusing on right now, though I know the occasional novel will slip in.


What do YOU recommend I read this year?

You can find me on Facebook, Goodreads, and Instagram, and can reach me at wildlyread(at)gmail(dot)com.


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Book review time! 
The Story of Diva and Flea
By Mo Willems + Tony DiTerlizzi
Loved this as a read-aloud for little ones that can sit still for longer picture books, or, as it's a beginning chapter book, great for ages 6-8 who are learning how to read more confidently by themselves.
. . .
#indiesfirst @quailridgebooks #bookstagram #book #bookrecommendation #bookrec #bookrecs #bookworm #bookreview #books #booknerd #earlychapterbook #beginningreader #mowillems #tonyditerlizzi A love poem for my love. Happy National Poetry Month!
. . .
#poemaday #love #lovepoem #nationalpoetrymonth #pabloneruda #wildlyread #poem #poetry Happy National Poetry Month!
. . .
#poemaday #nationalpoetrymonth #haiku #kerouac #wildlyread #poem #poetry First day of full-time hours in my new job as a bookseller for an independent bookstore, and it's staff pick time! I fell in love with this book years ago, before the movie was even a dream. Though I'm not a fan of the movie tie-in cover, I'll gladly place this book in readers' hands. . . .
#indiesfirst #thelostcityofz @quailridgebooks @lostcityofz #bookstagram #book #bookrecommendation #bookrec #bookrecs #bookworm #bookreview #books #booknerd

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