Typset (and tattoos)

In an earlier post, I previously gushed about my love of typography and my love of tattoos, both of which I need to learn more about.

Then in my friend Sarah’s store, Boswell’s Books in Shelburne Falls, MA, I came across a book which in turn led me to this (–>) book and now my life is almost complete.
(BTW, this book has a website. And you can also buy it here.)

I’m thinking of combining the ideas in the book on the right with the image on the left and having a block of mismatched type tattooed onto the middle of my back. Not lower back, tramp-stamp-style, but higher than that, yet below the bra line. This would require, I believe, me buying or borrowing several different old sets of wooden type and stamping them out to create the design I want. This is why though I’m clearly a bit into tattoos, there’s no real worry that I will be covered in them any time soon. Clearly this is going to be a bit of a process.

Any feedback? Thoughts?

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