The Necessity of a Book-Aunt

“The Necessity of a Book-Aunt” by R.E. Finklestein.
(NOT my real last name.)

Doesn’t that sound like a great book title?

But what on earth is a book-aunt, you might be asking.

Book-Aunt, n.

– person, either biologically or not biologically related to a person younger than themselves, to whom the first person supplies reading materials that may or may not be sanctioned by the parents or guardians of the second, younger person, with the intent to expand the mind of, educate, possibly corrupt, or in some other way influence the second person.

– Common qualities of the book-aunt:
– young, or young-at-heart – hip in some way (also know as cool, rad, possibly even hot)
– is in touch with reading material that would be of interest to the younger person, based on their age, gender, sexuality, hobbies, and other personal interests
– is not afraid to defy the wishes of the parents/guardians if the book-aunt believes she is in the right in providing a specific type or example of reading material

– Related terms: book-uncle, book-non-gender-specified-friend

– For book recommendations in your role as a book-aunt, this book-aunt blog may help.

I, for one, am book-aunt to the delectable L. Isn’t he the most adorable child? I realize, being his book-aunt, I’m a wee bit biased, but still! I love to spoil him rotten on the rare occasions I see him in person, and generally make myself a nuisance with my book suggestions to his equally wonderful parents.

If you are not currently acting as a book-aunt, -uncle, -non-gender-specified-person, to a child or someone younger than you, I highly recommend running out and finding yourself someone. The rewards are infinite.

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