Lumberjack to lingerie

I’d like to discuss the versatile nature of the suspender.

*Disclaimer: because I’m not British, when I say suspender, I’m referring to the elasticized pieces of material that connect to the waistband of pants, criss-cross in the back, and attach again to the waistband in front. I am not speaking about a garter belt, though I suppose that might deserve its own post at some point, too.

How did such an innocuous clothing accessory as the suspender gain such a multifaceted personality?

When you consider suspenders started off as merely a way to hold up pants before the evermore practical belt was invented…

(which, apparently, wasn’t until around WWI)

…made a reappearance as an accessory to the popular punk, tight jeans and white tee look…

…and now have morphed into something pseudo-sexy when worn by cute girls over a beater, some slutty shirt, or nothing at all, that’s really quite a journey for the simple suspender to have made.

There’s a certain appealing sexiness to them, when worn the right way. (No? Just me?) As in, non-lumberjack style, though I may have worn them in that way at least once myself, sadly only partially ironically. And, no, I don’t find Larry King in suspenders sexy. Or Larry King sexy at all.

This picture is what started me on my recent suspender musings. I know, there’s not even a display of skin, but it was something about the way the suspenders peek out and the hint of tie, and let’s face it, this could probably be either a man or a woman, which is kind of sexy in itself.

This is all simply to say, don’t forget the suspenders when you’re rifling through your closet making the winter to spring to summer switch. I suspect they can add quite the punch to an otherwise seasoned outfit. And for all those considering a summer outdoor wedding, let’s not forget we do live in farm country – suspenders on groomsmen, a must.

6 thoughts on “Lumberjack to lingerie

  1. I must say, I'm not a huge fan of the suspenders=sexy look when coupled with the construction worker garb. However, the suspenders peeking beneath the business suit atire (even though the person in question in that photograph has latex gloves on, which call upon questionable motives)are indeed an example of suspenders=sexy. [So no, not just you. :)]

  2. Latex gloves = creepy – agreed. However, I believe the person is wearing tight white kid gloves to go with his/her period outfit and therefore is no longer the creepster. Now, Daniel Craig, wearing suspenders beneath his double 007 tux = hot.

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