Save the Words

I love Shelf Awareness. Ok, I’ll admit it, sometimes I let them pile up for a day or few in my inbox, but I always enjoy them when I read (ahem. skim. ahem) them, looking for that little tidbit that’ll pop out at me and make my week. I found this beauty a few weeks ago and it’s been a delightful little online toy ever since.

It’s free to become a member, so of course I joined right away and began adopting words as fast as my fingers could click. Want to know the first word they suggested I save?

Lambition, v. art of licking or lapping


Here’s the word I chose to adopt (after I adopted that first one, of course):

Antipelargy, n. reciprocal or mutual kindness; love and care of children

That’s much better. I love it when my angel and devil sides can have fun together. (Don’t worry, the devil side is staying far away from children.)

What words have you adopted lately?

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