Pulp Romance by Maria Dahvana Headley

The University Bookstore in Seattle, WA, has asked 110 authors to write a composition of 110 words to celebrate the bookstore’s 110th birthday. Every customer who purchases a copy of a book by one of the 110 authors for the rest of the year will receive a copy of the 110/110 book compiled by The University Bookstore. Learn more about this from Shelf Awareness.

This is, so far, my favorite entry:

Image is “Romance in Red II”
by Alfred Gockel

Pulp Romance by Maria Dahvana Headley

He saw her across a crowded shelf.

Her deckle-edge was seductively deep, her endpapers velvety. She was a first edition, probably autographed. Any man would want to write his name in a book like her.

She noticed him perusing her pages, and blushed. He had a hard spine, and a crisp dust jacket. His eyes were capitalized, and in an obscure font designed in Amsterdam in 1786. She caught herself glancing at his flyleaf, and looked away, mortified.

They were in the YA section, and she was acting like a common galley.

“Can I have your ISBN?” he whispered. He could nearly see her addendum.

“Yes,” she cooed, helpless. “Yes.”

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