Things I Don’t Need but Desperately Want

If, like me, you are an imaginary shopaholic, you will enjoy this post.

By imaginary, I mean that if I had more money, I would be a true shopaholic.

Oh, I don’t count books or food. For those two categories I allow myself to spend as much (within reason-ish) as I can each day, week, month, year. Everything else is secondary.

BUT I have a very hard time resisting book- and food-related items. Especially book. See below:.

Vinyl Hardcover Book Stack Earrings, Necklace, & Pin

“Read Books, Not T-shirts” t-shirt
(Molly, I thought of you.)

Helvetica Cookie Cutters
(Hartford, if I buy these, will you make me cookies?)

And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The item I’ve been saving my pennies for, for at least the last couple of weeks:

That’s right. It’s a hardcover laptop case that’s made to look like an old book. I drool every time I look at it.

My birthday’s only a short 5.5 months away, people. Just sayin’. Also, I’ll accept presents early.

2 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Need but Desperately Want

  1. These are all great things to want! Not sure what speaks to the geek in me the most! I am not a shopper, but sometimes I want very silly things (like the hats that the US Olympic team was wearing in the opening ceremony–can't resist a moose!). May you indulge yourself!

  2. Ooh, I don't have a TV so missed the opening ceremonies. I'll have to find them online and check out the moose hats. Always was a sucker for 'em since being on the MHC crew team. 🙂

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