Book Blogger Hop!

Thank you to Presenting Lenore for turning me on to a phenomenon known as the Book Blogger Hop!

Through Presenting Lenore, I discovered Crazy-for-Books, who hosts this weekly event. Click on this link to sign up for this week’s Book Blogger Hop.

What IS a BBH, you ask? Pretty much what it sounds like. If you have a blog that reviews books in some shape or form, and you want other people to read it (and come on, why else do you have a blog?), then you add your name to the BBH list. Other book bloggers add their names to the list as well. You check them out. They check you out. You meet some great new internet blogs & friends, and in turn, hope more people are turned on to the wisdom of your own posts.

You know, like, “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine.”
Or maybe, “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

Something like that…so sign on!

Other book blogs I’ve discovered through the BBH include:

Persnickety Snark (a YA book review blog I actually found before and had neglected to bookmark!)
The Compulsive Reader (another YA book blog with a great title)
The Story Siren (a big book blog that awes me and inspires me to get more creative with my own)
Reading with Tequila (I confess, I checked it out because of the name, and then stayed for the reviews)
A Blog About Nothing (again, followed for the name, stayed for the reviews)
Book of Secrets (a blog that will tell me everything about my guilty pleasure reading)

Check ’em out!

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