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Welcome to my first Book Blogger Hop on my new blog.
The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly follow hosted by Crazy-for-Books.
For those new to my blog, this is a compilation of three former blogs: Afterthoughts…, Afterthoughts for Adults, and Afterfonts. With this one blog to rule them all, I plan to continue blogging about children’s books, adult books, and fonts/typography. I hope you follow me and enjoy!
This week’s hop’s featured question:
“If you find a book that looks interesting but is part of a series, do you always start with the first title?”
My answer:
Not unless the whole point is for me to find a new series. For instance, if I’m at a library or a bookstore and I pick up a book I think I’ll like, I’ll read it, even if it’s not the first book in the series. BUT, if I’m trying to find a new series to begin – say, I’ve read everything of Christine Warren’s and am looking for something new to pass the time before her newest book comes out – then yes, I will begin at the beginning.

Later in the day:
Visiting people’s blogs today has been really eye-opening. I had no idea so many people consider jumping into a series so sacrilegious! There are certain series such as Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, or Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery (quick, what do those three series have in common?) where the reader would miss so much, even be lost, if they began in the middle. Yet for certain series — such as The Baby-Sitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin or any number of paranormal mass markets I can think of — starting in the middle may not be all that bad. Personally, I find that characters are often richer, more fully developed, and have more complex emotional reactions the later on you read in a series. I don’t necessarily have to have read books 1-4 in order to enjoy the character development in book 5. Though I can understand that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, people’s visceral responses to this question have been quite enlightening!

13 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love finding other aspiring editors. :]Hope NaNoWriMo's going well for you! Unfortunately I've been slacking. I blame schoolwork, of course.Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Theoretically, yes, I want to start with the first. But I keep picking up ARCs for new books in established series because it's a super-convenient way to catch up. Sigh… I guess there are worse vices than ARCs.

  3. I can dive right into the middle of a book series if the series' story doesn't run chronologically.That is to say, if each novel in a series is a stand-alone story (like Lee Child's Reacher novels) then I don't feel the need to start with book one.On the other hand, a series of books (like Richard Hatch's Battlestar Galactica novels) can't be read out of sequence since each new book builds upon the story of the previous entry in the series.Happy Book Blogger Hop Friday!Howard Sherman

  4. Hi – I'm new to the blog hop and like you I don't usually read a series in order. I do usually start with the first book – but after that if I like that one I'll start reading any other books by that author. When I make recommendations at my literacy booths (I sell Usborne and Kane Miller books) I usually try to read some of the books I'm recommending and if it's a series I can let the parents/kids know if it needs to be read in order. Very few of our books have to be read in order. I think the Conspiracy 365 series is the only one that needs to be.My blog is at: I'm not a professional reviewer but am always looking at other book blogs so I can learn from them. I mostly review Preschool, YA and adult fiction – a lot of Christian, mystery, suspense (if there clean). I'm following you now & will definitely be back. =0) Tina "The book Lady"

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