The Baby-Sitter’s Club

Remember when The Baby-Sister’s Club by Ann M. Martin looked like this?

I admit, I loved these books as a kid. I read them, collected them, and after about 6 months, grew out of them. But they’ll always hold a special place in my heart for giving me the idea and courage to start my own solo baby-sitting service around the neighborhood. Yet I think I outgrew them in part because my sense of humor matured more quickly. The BSC was friendly and sometimes drama-filled; they occasionally took on difficult time-of-life issues while also showing what a close-knit circle of girlfriends could be like. The big thing missing, though? A snarky sense of humor.
Well, my prayers have been answered. Blog #1 is called Incredulous Kristy! (The exclamation point is actually in the blog name, though I am that excited about it.) It produces images like this:
a.k.a. What would happen if The BSC met Mean Girls.
They’re not all this mean, but they all do fall into that snarky sense of humor category (and before y’all get your panties in a twist, no, I’m not condoning bullying and I don’t think anyone should actually say these things out loud to another person while meaning them, but yes, I do like to laugh at them online sometimes).
Blog #2 is called What Claudia Wore. This one basically deconstructs Claudia’s (and occasionally other characters’) clothing choices. C’mon, even when you were young and read the BSC for real, Stacey was who you wanted to look like, Kristy was who you looked like most of the time, and the only time you actually dressed like Claudia was on Halloween or when all your other clothes were in the wash.

Visit the blogs, relive the books, laugh at yourself, cherish the memories.

2 thoughts on “The Baby-Sitter’s Club

  1. I have been LOVING What Claudia Wore for a long time now, but have never even heard of Incredulous Kristy! I'm going to check it out right now…

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