Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Places to Read

The Broke and the Bookish, a brilliant book blog, 
hosts a weekly top ten list meme.

I like this meme because I like lists. I like this meme because it reminds me of the Top 5 lists from High Fidelity (by Nick Hornby as a book, starring John Cusak as a movie). And I like this meme because it causes me to think long and hard about book-related topics. So here goes:

Top 10 Coziest Places to Read/Favorite Places to Read 
1. My first ever favorite place to read was the children’s room that used to exist in the main library on the Hanover College campus in southern IN. Sadly, this room no longer exists.
2. In college, a friend of a friend’s mother was an upholsterer and had a leftover chair a customer never picked up and had given it to her daughter, who was going to leave it on the side of the road at the end of one school year, and I rescued it, and carted it from home to home until I finally had to downsize a year ago. That was the most comfy, rocks gently back and forth, could sit curled up, or swing your legs over the sides, armchair EVER.
3. In mah bed.
4. In the 1970s swinging couch on my Babci’s sun porch in upstate NY in the summertime when the weather is fine.
5. On a blanket outside in a park or near a river or lake somewhere.
6. On anyone else’s bed.
7. When I’m traveling. (This is a bit of cheating because it’s not one particular place, but I love to read on buses, planes, and trains, no matter how short or long the trip.)
8. On a white, sandy beach in the summer with the waves crashing and the gulls squawking and a big pair of sunglasses on to cut the glare.
9. On the loveseat in my current house with my feet propped up on the wooden chest in front of the wood-burning stove between the living room and the kitchen.
10. Some day, years from now, when I have my own home where my bedroom will have a window seat AND a fireplace in it and so no matter if it’s summer (window seat) or winter (in front of the fire) I’ll have a cozy place to read, my room will be my favoritest, coziest place.

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Places to Read

  1. ST – As you're the one who shared "The History of Love" with me, glad you were disappointed, too. Still looking for my next big joy of reading book. (Note: someone should totally publish a "Joy of Reading", but I can't decide – spoof "Joy of Cooking" or be legitimate?)

  2. Yes to the blanket near a lake! So peaceful. I also really like reading while I travel. I so wish I could read in a car. That would be awesome. My bf and I tend to be in the car a lot and he always drives so I get bored.

  3. I would have to agree on the window seat thing. To be able to sit on a a window nook I guess you would call it, and look out and read. Especially if it was overloiking a beach or mountians.

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