TGIF – Book Tears

Fridays seem to be a popular day for memes. Two of my favorites are:

Unfortunately neither of these blogs are hosting their weekly memes (as of this writing, maybe they will later in the day), so I went looking for a new thoughtful Friday question.

Luckily, I happened upon GReads! with the TGIF question:

Book Tears: Do you get emotional when you read? Which books had you in tears?

I am roughly 10 times more likely to cry at books and movies than in real life. In fact, if I know I need a certain type of emotional release, I’ve been known to pop in a vid or pick up a book that is guaranteed to make me start shedding those tears that would otherwise never see the light of day (or the bedside lamp at 2 a.m.).

The first book I remember making me cry was Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery. I won’t give away any spoilers, but as we all know, when there’s a war going on (like there is in Rilla), some go away to fight and some never come back. It was such a pivotal moment in my life when I realized I was absolutely heartbroken, just like Rilla, and I had the ability to release those emotions like that.

Since then, I relish a good crying book, to the point where there are some I’ll read at least once a year just to reassure myself that connection is still there. I may win an award for how many times I can mention the same book throughout one blog, but Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta makes me literally sob – not that pretty, just one or two tears running down your cheeks, movie sort of crying, but the going through an entire box of tissues, can’t read for the fountain of tears pouring from your eyes, having your roommate knock on the door to ask if you’re okay type of crying. Every. Single. Time.

Truth & Beauty by Anne Patchett also had me in tears, in a big part because this is a work of non-fiction, and the love and friendship and grief and reckoning described throughout the book is made so much more powerful by the fact that it is a true story.

I honestly can’t remember the last book that made me cry. Maybe it’s just Friday morning-almost-the-weekend brain, because I’m pretty sure I cried at one fairly recently, and they were happy tears, too, though admittedly I’m more likely to sad-cry than happy-cry. Maybe it will come to me. If it does, I promise to report back to you.

I’m curious – are you more likely to sad-cry or happy-cry?

2 thoughts on “TGIF – Book Tears

  1. I am much like you! It won't be often that you will see me cry in real life situations, not even when I snapped my foot, but have me talk about my kids and give me a gripping book and I am spent.

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