Friday Round-Up

Each week I round-up all the (mostly book-related) articles/blog posts/book reviews/websites/videos that entertained me during the week. Enjoy!


 I wish this wasn’t a Kindle ad because I love the vintage look, but oh well.


Despite being tired about reading about the same books over and over again, here is a round-up of the “Top 20 Most Iconic Bookcovers Ever”, as according to Flavorwire.

The second Flavorwire article of the week is “The Literary Baby Name Dictionary” (and I have to admit I’ve always wanted a daughter named Auden).

“Where All My Boys At?” is a thoughtful blog post about being a male bookseller, and often the only one.


Graphic designer Matt Roeser has a blog called New Cover, dedicated to his book reviews and beautifully redesigned book jackets.

Letters of Note is a blog to bookmark. I hope you’ll agree after reading this letter from Ian Fleming.

Publishing Perspectives offers information about international publishing, including a new children’s newsletter. I’ve registered for it; have you?

Those near Pittsburgh should check out the blog for East End Book Exchange to find out when and where this pop-up bookstore will be operating next.

Check back in October for the site to be officially launched, but for now, bookmark the UK’s Alliance of Radical Booksellers.

Children’s Books

Readingrockets has an impressive collection of children’s book author interviews. Watch them here.

Two posts about letters from Roald Dahl, unrelated to each other, in one week. It’s a sign. Time to watch Matilda, read The Twits, and check out this “Weird and Hilarious Letter to a Class of Children” from BuzzFeed and his “Thank You for the Dream” letter from Letters of Note.

Retronaut compares the 1963 version to the 1991 version of Richard Scarry’s The Best Word Book Ever with some pretty progressive results.


He obviously deserves his own section. Here are two articles about a German art student who “hand illuminates” a copy of Tolkien’s Silmarillion. Blog link and an interview.


PBS Arts (which you should also check out) has a series titled “Off Book” (which you should also check out) which produced this video on typography:

Listen to this NPR broadcast: “Know This Headline’s Font? You’re ‘Just My Type'”.


Podcast with Ursula K. LeGuin on CBC Radio.


Maybe someday: A Library Themed Wedding Shoot.

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