8 thoughts on “Blog Button Survey

  1. ST – shocked. :)I do think these serve three very different audiences. I've put A up on my blog at the moment, as you might have noticed, because I think it can serve across populations. B. is obviously using sex to sell the blog (and I'm not opposed to that), whereas C. makes me think of a children's book review blog (and I do review that genre of books as well). I think I might go with A. for everyday, but use B & C in specific posts.Thanks for chiming in!

  2. I love A. It's a beautiful image and a gorgeous composition–even if you were to blur it out and make it abstract, it would be a very engaging composition. Plus the color red makes for a good homonym pun on the title of your blog. Gonna grab yer button now. And that's not a reference to choice B. 🙂

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