Friday Round-Up

Each week I round-up all the (mostly book-related) articles/blog posts/book reviews/websites/videos that entertained me during the week. Enjoy!


Favorite post of the week: Life Cycle of a Book with videos by Publishing Trendsetter

GalleyCat offers a list of “10 Charities That Promote Literacy”

The Chronicle Books blog has an interview with Sanjay Patel, whose designs I adore.

“The End of Borders and the Future of Books,” a.k.a. Why I’m working on a business plan for a children’s book and toy store – Bloomberg Businessweek

Flavorwire article of the week: “A Collection of Rejected Titles for Classic Books”

Publishing Perspectives discusses publishing houses and a new trend toward movie production: “From Publisher to Producer”

Book Trailer

I have to agree with Shelf Awareness: Book Trailer of the Day: Moby Dick  in Picture by Matt Kish


Bookstore & Bar

Williams & Graham is a bookstore-front-speakeasy-bar-back opening this week in Denver, CO. Might be worth a trip out there just for this.

Children’s Books

Flavorwire‘s children’s books article of the week: “Our Favorite Vintage Illustrations from Classic Children’s Books” (Leonard Weisgard’s illustrations for Alice in Wonderland is clearly my favorite.)

Thanks to the Flavorwire article, I followed the link to “Marice Sendak’s Rare Velveteen Rabbit Illustrations Circa 1960″


World Book Night, USA-style. Website is here to find out details.

On Writing

NPR: “How To Name Your First Novel” – hysterical and so true.


Tim Burton to possibly direct film adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Please, pretty please, let this be the case. To read my review of the book, go here.


These websites almost have something to do with books:
Bangable Dudes in History
Fuck Yeah History Crushes

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