Punctuation in the News

Thanks, again, to my blog readers who supply me with relevant and witty things to blog about. Particular thanks to Dresses in Fleece for the inspiration behind this blog post.

(Okay, maybe not witty. Maybe just relevant.)

I was emailed this article that ran in the NY Times over a year ago. That may have been long enough ago that you will either a) have not read it because you skipped reading the NY Times that day/week/month/year, or b) you will have forgotten it by now due to all the other articles you’ve read and will be pleasantly surprised to read it again. But seriously – I love that correctly used punctuation on a NY subway sign made the NY Times “In the Region” section. Was it a slow news day? Or does this signify how many die-hard punctuation fans do exist out there – closeted as they may be? In the immortal words of Jake Sandvig (Downey from 2009’s Fired Up!), “The closet door is made of all kinds of wood.” So true, Downey, so. true.

In related punctuation news, check out this link to get ready for National Punctuation Day. Unlike National Grammar Day of 2009, I will not be missing out on this worthy event. Which may be why I’ve marked it on my calendar and have started prepping for it 6 months in advance. Incidentally, September 24th – National Punctuation Day – is also a friend of mine’s birthday, thus solidifying my suspicion that she IS the geekiest person in the world. While that may not be earth shattering for the rest of you, it certainly takes a load off of my mind (mainly because it means, I’m not it). And, since it’s really all about me, that’s all that matters.

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