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Ode to my publisher reps

There are two things in life about which I am absolutely 100% lacking in willpower. Books (which you may have guessed) and bread.
I know the bread one is kind of odd, but I’m currently not eating any starch (okay, I’m currently trying not to eat any starch) and all I can do is crave those rolls they give you at Red Lobster before the rest of the meal comes out. I only eat at Red Lobster maybe once every 2 years or so, but I was in such a mood for these cheddar cheesy biscuits that instead of doing my homework this weekend, I googled a recipe and spent the afternoon a’bakin’. So good!

So bellyaches and extra unnecessary deliciously cheesy and buttery carbohydrates aside, the other thing I am an absolute sucker for is, of course, books. I will use my last dollar to buy a book rather than a meal. No, for real. It’s happened. I actually have some publisher reps to thank for saving me from that very thing yesterday!
The Odyssey has recently pulled all of the used books from the mystery and the fiction sections and have shelved them, still in their original sections, but now all together on one particular shelf, rather than interspersed with the new. Following me? So, they did this, and that opened up lots and lots of extra used book browsing for you (and clearly for me, which is where I got into trouble.) After about 20 minutes of intense browsing, I was
holding three books in my hands that I’m quite sure I don’t need, but am equally positive I had to have. I put them to the side and promised myself I would decide by the end of the day whether or not I would be taking them home with me.
Publishers to the rescue! They saved me from myself. How, you might ask? Well, publishers sent me not one, but TWO great books that I had been dying to get my hands on! All for free!
Now that’s not fair, you may be saying to yourself, and to me, but let me reassure you, those three free books come with a terrible price. Not only will I be expected to read them
, review them, and hand sell them, but I will also lose countless hours of sleep (5 hours last night alone!) reading these amazing books. So see, think carefully before you would wish yourself into my place… (okay, not gonna lie, giving up the sleep is TOTALLY worth it).

Here’s what I am currently, as in today, reading – thanks to my pub reps from Haper and Hachette:

I know I’ve blogged about her before, but yes, I continue my high school reading obsession with Jacqueline Carey and her world of Terre d’Ange, Alba, Elua’s will, and loving as thou wilt. Her first series, the Kushiel series, has never quite loosened its grip on me (or my sister), which is why I found myself still awake at 2 a.m. this morning, having read the first 400+ pages of the first book in what looks to be the third trilogy taking place in these lands. I won’t write a full review until I’ve finished (about 200 more pages to go), but let me tell you, though nothing will quite live up to the splendor of the first three, this one is definitely keeping me hooked.
*addendum* I just finished reading it. As always, not quite as good as the original three but definitely an enjoyable read. I will blog a full review of it soon.

Feeding the obsession. That’s what’s happening here. An Alice in Wonderland graphic novel! It’s genius! I’ve only read about 10 pages so far, but I’m already really enjoying where the story is going. You know what the best part is? A BRUNETTE main character! It’s about time! Thank you Tommy Kovac! Here’s a synopsis:
Among the numerous curiosities that have gone unexplained in the classic tale Alice in Wonderland, perhaps the most perplexing might be who, exactly, is the “Maryann” that the White Rabbit mistakes Alice for at the beginning of the story? In this beautifully executed comic book series, readers experience Alice’s fantastic world as they’ve never seen it before. Writer Tommy Kovac’s Wonderland is missing Alice herself, but it’s still populated by the other characters that make the world such a curiously exciting place. The Queen of Hearts is present, barking orders to lop off people’s heads, as is the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and the rest of Wonderland’s beloved cast. And there are some new faces, too, including the book’s main protagonist, the mysterious Maryann herself. All are beautifully illustrated by Wonderland’s artist, Sonny Liew.

I’ll let you know what I think when I’ve had a chance to read this one all the way through, too. Graphic novels, while beautifully illustrated, are not my favorite thing to read, generally. That said, clearly I will be finishing this one shortly.

Now, as I stayed up WAY past my bedtime last night, I think I will tuck myself in for the night. Sweet dreams, y’all.


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Loving the #Halloween book display @quailridgebooks!
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Gorgeous illustrations pop with foil pieces that highlight the words of this simple book, perfect for even the youngest reader. The sweetly lyrical text leads the reader from one - a tree - to many - the forest - and beyond, with each turn of the page showing more and more complex scenes through fall, winter, spring, summer, country, city, morning, and night, until we reach the end where the whole world is shining. I immediately wanted to read it again. For all ages, but especially 1-3-year-olds.
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#bookrecommendations #bookreview #bookrec #book #books #bookish #bookworm #bookstagram #booklover #instabook #instaread #read #reading #readmore #readwithme #readstagram Completed road trip book 1, including a brief review (review below).
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Does not disappoint! Another solid read in the In Death series by JD Robb. I've been reading this series since 2013, since before she came out as Nora Roberts, and I keep expecting the next book and then the next book and then the next book to dip in terms of quality of style and content and originality, but it just doesn't (thank goodness!). In #46, Dark in Death, JD ROBB almost makes a play on her own life in ways, as Eve is after a murderer who finds inspiration in a specific author's murder mysteries. Robb literally pays homage to the master of the meta, Hitchcock, with mentions of Psycho and Dial M for Murder, and I'm pretty sure the author she describes is modeled after Robb herself (physically). The plot is pretty tight and focused, but we still get glimpses of Peabody & McNab; Leonardo, Mavis, & Bella; Somerset is still off on holiday; and there is just a peek at the growing romantic interest in Nadine's life, as well as a preview of Nadine's next best-seller based on Eve's police work. I'm looking forward to a future book of Robb's that I'm sure will go into further detail either about Nadine's upcoming Oscar nomination for the first book/movie or the publication and what I'm sure will be subsequent movie of the second book. Enjoy! Weekend road trip, book 1! One of my favorite murder mystery series by the prolific JD Robb aka Nora Roberts. I discovered NAKED IN DEATH (#1) in 2003 and have been reading it ever since. So excited to see what adventure happens in #46! Pub date: January 2018
. . .
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