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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Book of the Day: King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub & Heckedy Peg by Audrey & Don Wood

Today will actually be a mini-ode to the author/illustrator genius of husband-and-wife team Audrey and Don Wood who publish a lot of work with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. King Bidgood’s in the BathtubHardcover: 9780152427306, $17Paperback: 9780152054359, $7.99 A Caldecott Honor-winner, this book is a true delight to both read and look through, as there is so … Continue reading

Ode to Stephen Gammell

Author and illustrator Stephen Gammell’s work is known in two very different veins: sassy, whimsical picturebook illustrator and nightmare-inducing, horror illustrator. My first introduction to his work was through his Caldecott Award winning book Song and Dance Man (9780679819950, Random House, $6.99). I loved having my parents read the story to me, but it was … Continue reading

Ode to Christopher Wormell

This ode is dedicated to Christopher Wormell, and in particular, to his wood engravings of animals and beasts. He illustrates non-woodcut pictures, as well, and I don’t mean to slight those books. But, it was his wood engravings that first caught my eye – specifically the total book design of the picture books that feature … Continue reading

Ode to Little Golden Books

I’ve recently rediscovered the joys of Little Golden Books, published by Random House. Have you had the same problem I had? They’ve been around for so long, lurking in the back of my childhood memories, that sometimes I forget there continues to be waves of children through my shop that are meeting them for the … Continue reading

Ode to Miroslav Sasek

One of the perks of my job is that I’m often introduced to new authors, illustrators, and their books through customer requests and recommendations. This holiday season in particular has been one scavenger hunt after another for new treasures. Today was no exception. A customer came in requesting a book she thought was entitled This … Continue reading

Now I Know My ABCs…

This really should be subtitled “ode to the ABC book”. I’m probably not the ONLY person in the world who has a fascination with ABC books, judging by the number of them a) available, and b) recently published, but I’m finding that the ones I find absolutely, stunningly, drop-dead, a full 10, gorgeous (!), are … Continue reading

Ode to the Coffee Table Book

Dear Coffee Table Book, It’s been some time now since I’ve admired your glossy photo pages and larger format. Since I first cracked your spine, you’ve enchanted me with your miscellaneous in-depth information about a subject on which I will never be tested, but which deeply enriches some part of my soul. I drool on … Continue reading

Ode to the sensual book

An article was recently published in The Guardian I thought you all would enjoy reading. It’s a wonderful ode to the book and the indie bookstore. Mostly about the book, though, and how it’s a complete sensory and sensual pleasure. Check it out here.

Ode to my publisher reps

There are two things in life about which I am absolutely 100% lacking in willpower. Books (which you may have guessed) and bread.I know the bread one is kind of odd, but I’m currently not eating any starch (okay, I’m currently trying not to eat any starch) and all I can do is crave those … Continue reading

Alice is my Wonderland, addendum

How could I have made this oversight in my previous Ode to Alice post?I completely forgot to mention (amateur movie buff that I am) that Tim Burton is making a live-action, freakishly fantastic (I’m assuming) version of Alice in Wonderland! The movie is starring non-other than everyone’s favorite Johnny Depp (seriously, swoon) and a personal … Continue reading


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Book review time! 
The Story of Diva and Flea
By Mo Willems + Tony DiTerlizzi
Loved this as a read-aloud for little ones that can sit still for longer picture books, or, as it's a beginning chapter book, great for ages 6-8 who are learning how to read more confidently by themselves.
. . .
#indiesfirst @quailridgebooks #bookstagram #book #bookrecommendation #bookrec #bookrecs #bookworm #bookreview #books #booknerd #earlychapterbook #beginningreader #mowillems #tonyditerlizzi A love poem for my love. Happy National Poetry Month!
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#poemaday #love #lovepoem #nationalpoetrymonth #pabloneruda #wildlyread #poem #poetry Happy National Poetry Month!
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#poemaday #nationalpoetrymonth #haiku #kerouac #wildlyread #poem #poetry First day of full-time hours in my new job as a bookseller for an independent bookstore, and it's staff pick time! I fell in love with this book years ago, before the movie was even a dream. Though I'm not a fan of the movie tie-in cover, I'll gladly place this book in readers' hands. . . .
#indiesfirst #thelostcityofz @quailridgebooks @lostcityofz #bookstagram #book #bookrecommendation #bookrec #bookrecs #bookworm #bookreview #books #booknerd

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