Ode to Gyo Fujikawa

Gyo Fujikawa (1908-1998) was a Japanese-American illustrator of children’s books, working from 1953 to 1990. Though she never married or had children of her own, her illustrations show children of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, featuring expressive faces and adorable vitality in the lines of their bodies. Her art is a mix of eye-popping colors and activities against a muted background, with delicate lines and exquisite detailed expressions. To read more about her, go here.

A lot of her work is out-of-print, but Sterling has republished some books, including three new titles forthcoming this April 2010. Luckily, her reprinted work retails for $9.95 or below; don’t be fooled by the low price point – the hard cover publication quality and reproduced artwork is lovely. Perfect for a gift or to enjoy at home.

Here is a list of her books that are currently available:

Oh, What a Busy Day
Hardcover: 9781402768194, Sterling, $9.95, Pub. Date: April 2010

Let’s Play
Board Book: 9781402768217, Sterling, $5.95,
Pub. Date: April 2010

Puppies, Pussycats & Other Friends
Board Book: 9781402768231, Sterling, $5.95, Pub. Date: April 2010

Other Board Books:

Ten Little Babies
9781402757006, Sterling, $5.95

Baby Animal Families
9781402757020, Sterling, $5.95

Penguin, $5.99

Baby Animals
9781402757013, Sterling, $5.95

Other Hardcover Classics:

Fairy Tales and Fables
9781402756986, Sterling, $9.95

Mother Goose
9781402750649, Sterling, $9.95

A Child’s Garden of Verses
9781402750625, Sterling, $9.95

A Child’s Book of Poems
Sterling, $9.95

The Night Before Christmas
9781402750656, Sterling, $9.95

She has many more currently out of print, like these two:

Let’s hope Sterling, or another publisher, will bring them back into print soon.

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