Fantasy Library

I saw this on Twitter this morning (thanks to @readandbreathe, follow me @rebf):

In celebration of National Library Week (beginning April 12), author Laurie R. King is offering three spectacular prizes – two go to you, one goes to a library of your choice – in return for your library fantasy. Not a fantasy involving a library, but your fantasy library, your dream library, your “I never want to leave this spot/couch/chair/bear skin rug surrounded by these tall/short/stacks of books” library. Maybe you work in a library and want to redesign it. Maybe you already have your dream library in your home and want to describe it. Or maybe, like me, you constantly search for pictures of libraries online (visit here and here for some of my posts on this, and visit HERE for some truly stupendous libraries), and so now have countless images from which to pick and choose to make up the library of your dreams.

Whatever the case may be, head on over here to read Laurie’s offer, and then submit. And if you want to post your submission here, too, that would be great.

I promise to post mine (as soon as I’ve written it).

Better hurry, you only have until April 9th to get this done.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Library

  1. What a wonderful idea. Our city is meant to be creating a library to wow all ( ) but there's lots of fear that books are going to end up taking a back seat and instead it's going to be all about creating a public space… Hmm. not at all sure about that. However a real and very wonderful library that can hardly be bettered even in my dreams and which I did get to do a lot of reading in is the British Library. Not everyone loves it from the outside, but it really is one of the most magical places I've ever spent time ( )

  2. How exciting! I've never seen a library take shape before, though I have a friend whose husband is a library architect – one of the coolest jobs in the world, I think. I hope the books end up receiving just as much attention as the structure. In searching for British Library photographs, I came across this post about an exhibit hosted there that I would LOVE to see:

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