Speaking of Libraries…

I seem to be on a library kick this week, as I found this fantastic article via a new favorite Out of Print blog.

The article is all about Britain’s Smallest Library – a library housed in an old red telephone booth! I can’t help but be wildly jealous as I don’t think red telephone booths really caught on in the States, nor were we apparently creative enough to come up with this idea on our own. How refreshing: a community enamored enough of books to create such a unique solution to their lack of library problem.

To sum up the article: when the mobile library service (novel idea!) was canceled in the community of Westbury-sub-Mendip, villagers banded together to set up the “old red phone box into a book exchange”. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, as titles from popular literature and cookbooks to children’s books are in circulation.

Anyone have any suggestions for something similar that can be done in American communities that are sans-library? Maybe a permanently parked yellow school bus? Out-of-season baseball dugout?

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