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Book Review: The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller
9781595143082, Penguin, $18.99, Pub. Date: August 2010
I admit I don’t tend to like lovey-dovey YA, but Haven’s voice, and that of her gay best friend Beau, kept me hanging in there. As did the unique premise –love as the cause for reincarnation.
Haven Moore lives in Tennessee but can describe New York City without having been there. She’s seen it in visions since she was a child; visions of the city and a time when Haven was known as Constance and she was in love with a man named Ethan. Haven’s grandmother thinks she’s possessed by the Devil. Haven knows she’s not possessed, but then how to explain these visions? How to explain the feeling that she must go to New York, and how to explain she thinks famous playboy Iain Morrow might be Ethan?
Going to New York provides her with some answers but more questions as she gets caught up in a web of lies involving the Ouroboros Society, a society begun to help people who remember their past lives, but which now is a den of corruption that has spread around the world from the highest to the lowest classes of people. Haven doesn’t know whom to trust as she gets more involved with Iain – who feels like he’s her soul mate, but then blatantly lies to her.
Events are brought to a head when Iain gets accused of kidnapping and murder. Not knowing who to trust, being chased by the “grey men” (the henchmen of the Ouroboros Society), Haven runs around New York City picking up tidbits of information here and there, having visions and flashbacks that allow her to piece together how her past is affecting her present and future.
With help from her gay best friend Beau (her brother in a previous life), Haven escapes from being kidnapped by the evil Adam Rosier, the man who was Haven’s husband in her very first life. In her first life, Haven was kept cloistered in her husband’s home because he was a possessive and jealous man. When she fell in love with a servant (the man who would later become Ethan/Iain), Adam killed them both. All three have been reincarnated again and again, destined to replay the same love triangle until true love conquers all.
Though Haven makes some dumb decisions at times (really, you’re 18, never left TN, but go to NYC and allow some guy you’ve just met – yes he may be your soul mate, but still – to fly you to Rome in his private jet and then not let you call home for 3 days?), she has a strong character and personality, trying to make sense of what her brain and her heart and everyone else is telling her. Romantics will love this because of the resolved ending, and it’s a new twist in the “love conquers all paranormal adventure story” genre.

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