Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday

Busy week, work-wise, meaning slow week, blogging-wise, but I’m always thrilled to participate in the weekly Book Blogger Hop and Follow Friday memes.

This week’s Book Blogger Hop question:

What book are you most looking forward to seeing published in 2011? Why are you anticipating that book?

I think I’m going to have to pull from a previous Waiting-on-Wednesday meme post about Anne Patchett’s State of Wonder, being published in June 2011. Having been given Bel Canto by a best friend, the publication of State of Wonder not only provides me with a (hopefully) enraptured new reading experience, but will give the added pleasure of sharing yet another wonderful book with my best friend(s).

This week’s Follow Friday question:

What is/was your favorite subject in school?

This was and still is a tie between English and that category known as “Social Studies”. In terms of Social Studies, I don’t just mean history, because dates are the bane of my existence, and I don’t just mean sociology, because I’m interested in more than social systems; I mean the two of them put together. When I was in 8th grade, my classmates both hated and loved me for my ability to ask a seemingly innocuous question that the teacher would then spend 25 minutes answering; loved it if they wanted to goof off in class, hated it if they just wanted to move on to the next topic. I remember in my yearbook for that year, my Social Studies teacher wrote something about me doing well with a career in English and being so insulted because I wanted to be an Anthropologist and teach cultural studies. I can’t say he was wrong, though, as I currently work in publishing. In terms of English, well, when you read as much as I do, it’s sort of a natural fit. I double-majored in college, English with a focus in children’s literature, Anthropology with a focus in Native American studies, wrote two theses, and though I now have an MFA in Writing Literature for Children, still dream of getting my dual JD/PhD in Legal Anthropology. I’m young, there’s still plenty of time for many new careers.

9 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday

  1. Favorite subject in school would be an impossible question for me since it varied from year to year. The only class I didn't like was physics and I think it was the classs, not the subject that I disliked.I'm hopping around trying NOT to pick up too many more must read ideas to add to my list. So many books, so little time!

  2. I love your header! I worked at in independent children's bookstore for 6 years, and enjoyed it so much.I put together a list of books I'm looking forward to about a week ago. is going to be a great year for books.So many people are saying English was their favorite subject… My favorite subject was Art, although I haven't done any art in such a long time. I'm left handed, and very right-brained.

  3. Hi,Just hopping by and following through.I loved Society and Culture – a senior subject that is a mix of what you describedShelleyrae @ Book'd

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