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Lots of news coming from the children’s lit world today.

The venerable Brian Jacques, creator of the popular Redwall series, died over the weekend at the age of 71. The BBC has a brief article on the subject and you should also check out his official website.

I have to admit I’ve never read a single Redwall book. Anthropomorphised animals aren’t really my thing. Yet, I recognize the great value they serve, often for that reluctant reader who is looking for a great adventure but not necessarily something that might too closely imitate their own life. The combination of epic fantasy tale with good friendships written on a level accessible by younger and older readers alike. I absolutely respect the work of Brian Jacques, and sympathize with both his family and fans.

In less solemn news, my good friend and former grad school classmate, Eliza at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art runs a Monday picture book puzzler series on the official blog, Shop Talk. Stop on by for today’s puzzler; theme: hugs & kisses. How many picture books can you name based on these images?

Speaking of blogs, I’ve been remiss in not mentioning that my grad school cohort (class of ’10 from the Simmons @ The Carle, MFA in Writing Literature for Children program) has begun a new blog of our own.
Introducing the Guinea Pig Writers!
Each month we’ll be writing on a new theme. Can you guess what February’s is? We all share posting responsibilities (there are 12 of us) throughout the month; mine has already gone up, and you can read that here. Hope you like the site, follow us, tweet us, Facebook friend us, and more.

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