Guinea Pig Writers July Post

This month’s theme at my writing group’s blog – – is travel and books.

Here are my two posts on this topic:
Post 1
Post 2

So far no one has answered the question, To what book do my post topic titles refer? Be the first and win the satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve made me a happy blogger.

2 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Writers July Post

  1. In my work bag I currently have (hang on a sec while I look) two books, one kindle, and one half completed times crossword puzzle. I also just returned from a trip to Sicily, where I brought my kindle and seven untouched crossword puzzles. I won't lie. I was happy to have my kindle on this trip, more for the sake of having the extra space to bring home cheese, salami, and lemoncello, than because I am no longer in love with the way the pages of a printed book smell. I am in love with the weight and smell of printed books. And I love the convienence of being able to carry so many options with only one hand. I don't really even need a bag. It's not an either or situation for me. I'm reading "The Stone Boudoir" in printed form because it's about discovering the hidden treasures of Sicily, and it feels right to have those sorts of stories in my hands. And I care about buying books and supporting the independent store, which is why i still do both. But I also read from five different books on two very long plane rides thanks to the portability of my kindle. And now I have authentic sicilian lemoncello to drink while I pick up my next book. Just some musings.

  2. You're really just trying to make me jealous about your trip to Sicily and the lemoncello aren't you?If I ever go abroad again, looks like I may have to consider one of them electronic, handheld, reading device thingys. Sigh.

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