Guinea Pig Writers July Post

This month's theme at my writing group's blog - - is travel and books.Here are my two posts on this topic:Post 1Post 2So far no one has answered the question, To what book do my post topic titles refer? Be the first and win the satisfaction that comes with knowing you've made me a … Continue reading Guinea Pig Writers July Post

Guinea Pig Writers: April

In this post months ago, with little fanfare and ado, I mentioned I was part of the Guinea Pig Writers.This group of 12 (myself included) survived being the first cohort (hence the name guinea pigs) to graduate from the Simmons College MFA in Writing Literature for Children program in association with the Eric Carle Museum … Continue reading Guinea Pig Writers: April

Insert Clever Title Here

Lots of news coming from the children's lit world today.The venerable Brian Jacques, creator of the popular Redwall series, died over the weekend at the age of 71. The BBC has a brief article on the subject and you should also check out his official website.I have to admit I've never read a single Redwall … Continue reading Insert Clever Title Here