Friday Round-Up

Each week I round-up all the (mostly book-related) articles/blog posts/book reviews/websites/videos that entertained me during the week. Really video-heavy this week for some reason. Hope you’ve got headphones. Enjoy!

Children’s Books

The Casual Optimist featured this delightful video by animator James Curran, which is an unofficial trailer for the upcoming Steven Speilberg movie, The Adventures of Tintin.

The Adventures of Tintin from James Curran on Vimeo.


Design*Sponge featured a DIY book bookend project. I’m not sure I’d spraypaint them black, but I like the idea overall.


The Daily Good featured two book-related projects that caught my eye:

  1. The “Kindness Cab” Hands Out Free Rides and Free Books
  2. Big Class Takes a Big Step Towards Literacy
    1. Here’s a link to Big Class.


First, John Cusak as Edgar Allen Poe? Yes please! Watch the trailer for The Raven.

Next, Johnny Depp will produce a live-action biopic of Dr. Seuss. Oh happy day! I can’t be the only one who loves that Johnny Depp loves to be involved with children’s films – Finding Neverland, Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka, etc. Read all about it here.

My parents happen to live in New Jersey (still not quite sure why). Pretty damn close to where Stephanie Plum works as a bail bondsman. And yes, I’m talking about the character created by Janet Evanovich. Maybe that’s why I find these books so hilarious – I can imagine my mother driving around these streets (and trust me, she’d probably be one of the ones carrying a gun in her handbag). One For The Money, based on the first book in the series by the same name, is coming out in January.


A Kickstarter project where a man in Germany has used keyboard keys to literally write out all the days in the year. It makes a beautiful print!


Random House, Inc. created an It Gets Better video.

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