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Friday Round-Up

Each week I round-up all the (mostly book-related) articles/blog posts/book reviews/websites/videos that entertained me during the week. Enjoy!


A round-up of “The World’s Great Bookshops” – or in other words, how I will plan my next vacation.

The Banksy of Book Sculpting: The full story of The Library Phantom who left 10 book sculptures all over Edinburgh, Scotland. If only we could convince her to come to the States.

Flavorwire article of the week: “Ten Lost Novels the World Found Again”

Brilliant idea: “New books for new homeowners”

Don’t miss “The Art of the Hobbit”.

Taschen publishes absolutely lovely coffee-table art books. The Selby features photographs of the house of and a brief interview with Angelika Taschen.

Mark Twain’s birthday dinner.

A really fascinating run-down of one book publication journey, from a self-published author with an agent. He rates himself on how well he did at each step. Gives you a lot to think about.

GalleyCat features directions on how to make a secret door out of a bookcase. Someday when I have my own…something (apt? house? building), that has to happen.

Children’s Books

100 Scope Notes features a really lovely interview between Caldecott-winning illustrators Jerry Pinkney and Erin E. Stead.

The past, present, and possible future of the Newbery/Caldecott Awards explained in PW – featuring a former professor of mine and children’s book expert, Anita Silvey!

BrainPickings showcases their list of “The 11 Best Illustrated Children’s and Picture Books of 2011” and I don’t disagree with them. These books are gorgeous. Though I would add a couple more to the list like Goliath from the Leviathan trilogy and anything Lane Smith has put out in the past year.

“The Most Disturbing Nursery Rhymes You’ve Never Heard” over at Book Dirt. Make sure to check out the rest of the blog while you’re there – great content!

Over at The Browser, a Tintinologist discusses Herge and the inspiration for the classic Tintin tales.

Publishing Perspectives discusses the changing face of children’s book reviews at The New York Times thanks to new New York Times Book Review children’s book editor Pamela Paul.


“New Organization Helps Libraries Get Artsy to Support Local Communities”. Do I need to say more?


A fascinating article about an Indian publishing company that specializes in illustrated books for the adult market (not adult-content, just adult non-fiction). I’m a huge fan of the actual illustrated book (you’ll see a lot of what they publish have photographs), both fiction and non-fiction for adults, and would love to see publishing companies doing more of that.

New French publisher in the American children’s book market. Lovely!


For writers and others: Figment: Write Yourself In.

Little bit obsessed with NPR’s Three Books series. Check it out; great recommendations.

Lists of Note. Companion site to Letters of Note, which I mentioned previously.

Designers & Books.
Explore. Learn. Enjoy. Watch this video.

In the Cube: James Biber Interviewed by Michael Bierut (abridged 5:22) from Designers & Books on Vimeo.


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One thought on “Friday Round-Up

  1. Thanks for this great collection of all things bookish..the vast majority of these links were new to me 🙂

    Posted by TheBookGirl | December 9, 2011, 9:54 pm

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Loving the #Halloween book display @quailridgebooks!
. . . 
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Gorgeous illustrations pop with foil pieces that highlight the words of this simple book, perfect for even the youngest reader. The sweetly lyrical text leads the reader from one - a tree - to many - the forest - and beyond, with each turn of the page showing more and more complex scenes through fall, winter, spring, summer, country, city, morning, and night, until we reach the end where the whole world is shining. I immediately wanted to read it again. For all ages, but especially 1-3-year-olds.
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#bookrecommendations #bookreview #bookrec #book #books #bookish #bookworm #bookstagram #booklover #instabook #instaread #read #reading #readmore #readwithme #readstagram Completed road trip book 1, including a brief review (review below).
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Does not disappoint! Another solid read in the In Death series by JD Robb. I've been reading this series since 2013, since before she came out as Nora Roberts, and I keep expecting the next book and then the next book and then the next book to dip in terms of quality of style and content and originality, but it just doesn't (thank goodness!). In #46, Dark in Death, JD ROBB almost makes a play on her own life in ways, as Eve is after a murderer who finds inspiration in a specific author's murder mysteries. Robb literally pays homage to the master of the meta, Hitchcock, with mentions of Psycho and Dial M for Murder, and I'm pretty sure the author she describes is modeled after Robb herself (physically). The plot is pretty tight and focused, but we still get glimpses of Peabody & McNab; Leonardo, Mavis, & Bella; Somerset is still off on holiday; and there is just a peek at the growing romantic interest in Nadine's life, as well as a preview of Nadine's next best-seller based on Eve's police work. I'm looking forward to a future book of Robb's that I'm sure will go into further detail either about Nadine's upcoming Oscar nomination for the first book/movie or the publication and what I'm sure will be subsequent movie of the second book. Enjoy! Weekend road trip, book 1! One of my favorite murder mystery series by the prolific JD Robb aka Nora Roberts. I discovered NAKED IN DEATH (#1) in 2003 and have been reading it ever since. So excited to see what adventure happens in #46! Pub date: January 2018
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