Friday Round-Up

Each week I round-up all the (mostly book-related) articles/blog posts/book reviews/websites/videos that entertained me during the week. Enjoy!


If Famous Writers Had Written Twilight:
(originally posted on Lizzie Stark’s blog, but found via io9)

 Dr. Seuss (by unicycle):
Jake likes a girl. Her name is Bella.
Bella likes a different fella.

See this vamp? This is Ed.
Ed is pale. Ed is dead.

Ed saved Bella from a van.
Ed must be a special man.

Ed won’t kill boys. He won’t kill girls.
Ed gets fed on deer and squirrels.

This is James. He’s a tracker.
He’s a sort of vamp attacker.

James hunts Bella for a thrill.
Will Ed kill him? Yes, he will.

But James gave her a little bite.
Will she be a vamp? She might!

Edward fixes Bella’s cut.
She won’t be a vampire.

She becomes one. Read some more.
She’s a vampire in book 4.

My former bookstore, The Odyssey Bookshop, in the Boston Globe!

While I admit to finding some ways more beautiful than others, Apartment Therapy features “15 Beautiful Ways to Store Your Books”.

And while we’re at it, Fabulous Web has a round-up of “Trendy and Stylish Bookshelves Designs” (a lot of which you can see at the side of this blog in my “Porn for Booklovers” section).

PW‘s round up of the best book memes. For me, it’s a toss-up between Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich and Ryan Gosling Librarian Hey Girl.

Fascinating! “Three Classic Fairy Tales Examined Through the Lens of Architecture”

Children’s Books

Walter Dean Myers is the next National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature!

Katherine Patterson, the current National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, reflects on her term.


Which Downton Abbey Character are You?

I happen to be Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham. Could be worse.

You’re the imperious, aristocratic head of your family who (almost) always gets her way, and you don’t suffer fools gladly. Though you’re often bossy and arrogant, you’re surprisingly adaptable and exceptionally loyal to the people you love. By the way, you also get all the best lines, so we hope you’re ready for immortality. But you should really look up the definition of “weekend.”

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