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2012, Genre: children's books, Genre: picture books, Publisher: Charlesbridge

Spring 2012 Picture Book Highlights: Charlesbridge Publishing

Previously in my capacity as Children’s Department Manager for the Odyssey Book Shop, I had the opportunity to look over publisher’s catalogues at the new books for each season. Thanks to Edelweiss, I can now look at publisher’s catalogues as a blogger!

Here are my picks for Charlesbridge Publishing Spring 2012:

Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective: The Big Swat 
by David Biedrzycki
9781570917486, $8.95, Pub. Date: February 2012

Publisher’s description: Scratch Murphy is missing a fleabag full of dough, and Ace lacewing is on the case. Did Scratch’s brother Scitch take the money? Could Lady DeBug be guilty? Or might “family man” Bo Weevil be the culprit? Ace and his assistant Xerces take a rollercoaster ride through Six Legs Park as they search for the latest bad bug.

 What We Wear: Dressing Up Around the World 
by Maya Ajmera, Elise Hofer Derstine, & Cynthia Pon
9781580894166, $16.95, Pub. Date: February 2012

Publisher’s description: From school uniforms to costumes, traditional ethnic clothing to sports team jerseys–this book highlights children from around the world and shows that no matter what kids wear, clothes are an important part of who they are. Vibrant photographs from around the world showcase the many different types of clothing that kids wear to play, study, pretend, and celebrate. From school uniforms to costumes, traditional ethnic clothing to sports team jerseys–no matter what kids wear, clothes are an important part of who they are.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book helps support The Global Fund for Children’s grantmaking toward community-based projects benefiting children around the world. 

Emily and Carlo 
by Mary Rhodes Figley, illustrated by Catherine Stock
9781580892742, $15.95, Pub. Date: February 2012

Publisher’s description: I started early, took my dog…

Marty Rhodes Figley’s lyrical text and Catherine Stock’s luminous art create a fresh look at the life of poet Emily Dickinson, focusing on her relationship with her dog, Carlo, a large, floppy, drooly, Newfoundland. Carlo was her constant companion, her “shaggy ally” in the world. Together they explored the woods and town around them, visiting friends and enjoying eachother’s company. Includes quotations about Carlo from Emily’s poems and letters.

A Path of Stars 
by Anne Sibley O’Brien
978157091735, $15.95, Pub. Date: February 2012

Publisher’s description: Dara loves the stories her grandmother, Lok Yeay, tells of the Cambodian countryside where she grew up–stories of family, food, and the stars above, glowing in the warm, sweet air. There are darker stories, too–stories of war and loss that Lok Yeay cannot put into words. Lok Yeay yearns to return to Cambodia to be with her brother. But when that dream becomes impossible, it’s up to Dara to bring Lok Yeay back to a place of happiness.

A Path of Stars was originally developed for New Mainers Book Project, part of the Maine Humanities Council’s Born to Read program. The Project sponsors high-quality children’s picture books created from the experiences of Maine’s refugee communities, to preserve and present their cultural heritage and to promote their English language literacy.


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