The Lost City of Z: Book Review + Movie Trailer

david-grann-lost-city-of-zYears ago, I read a book called THE LOST CITY OF Z by David Grann. My book review was posted in August 2010. I loved that book and it continues to exist on my 10 most recommended books list seven years later. I already mentioned it in yesterday’s declarative 2017: The Year of Non-fiction post, to give you an idea of how often I talk about it.

“It combines the very best of good reporting, action-adventure novel, history, anthropology, and biography. David Grann seamlessly weaves together his modern-day search for  what happened to the lost explorer Percy Fawcett, and Fawcett’s own quest for a city he labeled only as “Z”, an El Dorado-like city supposed to exist deep within the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.” – from my book review

In my August 2010 post, the final line is, “Stay tuned for the 2012 movie version of this story that’s reputed to star Brad Pitt.” Clearly that never came to pass. You can imagine my thrill when I discovered mere hours after yesterday’s post went live that there is to be a movie version released in April of this year!

Watch the trailer below, read my book review, go grab yourself a copy, and then imagine with me how on earth they’re going to turn this historical documentary into a Hollywood-style blockbuster.

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