Writing Advice: By Writers, For Writers

A recent post on The League of Extraordinary Writers blog inspired my own post, as I began thinking over all the writing advice I've read over the past few years. This is particularly helpful to me right now as I haven't written anything other than an email or a letter to various relatives the past … Continue reading Writing Advice: By Writers, For Writers

Nom de Plume…

...a.k.a. pen name a.k.a. pseudonym a.k.a. literary double a.k.a. alias.Do not be concerned, I am not talking about this Halloween costume supply shop.I'm talking about the custom of a person who was born with one name adopting another (or several other) names under which to publish their books. This was, and still is, a common … Continue reading Nom de Plume…

John Scalzi Post All Writers Should Read

John Scalzi has a brilliant (I know I'm overusing that word) post entitled "Why In Fact Publishing Will Not Go Away Anytime Soon: A Deeply Slanted Play in Three Acts".Particularly appropriate for authors or authors-to-be in the current publishing/book industry market today.Also, hysterical.Please read.

Sigg Water Bottles

Today, my coworker Emily C. was rounding up Sigg water bottles and their caps for a return she was putting together. Don't worry, Sigg is a great product, they were switching out some styles for us, and if you don't yet have a Sigg bottle, you should run out to your nearest independent provider and … Continue reading Sigg Water Bottles

Writing Prompt One

For whatever reason, I'm finding it difficult to sit down and make the time to write. You'd think with no more class twice a week nor the homework required for them, I’d be writing reams every day. Sadly, this is not the case. While I want to blame it on the myriad of other interesting … Continue reading Writing Prompt One