The Wonderland Book by Kirsty Mitchell

Today, I invested in Kirsty Mitchell's The Wonderland Book. As a huge Alice in Wonderland fan (I even had an Alice in Wonderland-themed birthday party this year!), I can't help but stay on top of (okay, scour the internet for) the unique projects that Alice inspires. I've been following Ms. Mitchell's process for quite some time, … Continue reading The Wonderland Book by Kirsty Mitchell

Alice on the iPad

I admit I'm completely, 100% fascinated by this video. What I can't decide is whether I've just watched my future as a children's picture book author go up in smoke, or if I just need to learn to adapt to the changing times. Obviously I'm not a Luddite, but still, it's a little disconcerting to … Continue reading Alice on the iPad

Alice is STILL My Wonderland

Oh, friends, you know me so well. After close to a week with no internet - I was home, sick with the flu, in my new, no-internet apartment - I found an email that included this link to someone else's blog post about other people's Alice in Wonderland tributes. Instead of reposting the tributes, I'll … Continue reading Alice is STILL My Wonderland

Alice is my Wonderland, addendum

How could I have made this oversight in my previous Ode to Alice post?I completely forgot to mention (amateur movie buff that I am) that Tim Burton is making a live-action, freakishly fantastic (I'm assuming) version of Alice in Wonderland!The movie is starring non-other than everyone's favorite Johnny Depp (seriously, swoon) and a personal favorite … Continue reading Alice is my Wonderland, addendum