2015 Goodreads Stats

2015 Reading Challenge

2012: 42 books
2013: 48 books
2014: 135 books
2015: 154 books

It hardly comes as a surprise but 2015 was the year of reading bodice-ripping romance novels, which probably explains why I read 154 books this year! Only a few novels were children books, even fewer YA, mostly mysteries, paranormal romances, motorcycle romances, and regency romances. I reviewed almost none of them, and can’t promise to be much better in that regard in 2016. That said, here’s the overall list of what I read this year.

2016 Book list 12016 Book List 22016 Book List 32016 Book List 42016 Book List 52016 Book List 62016 Book List 72016 Book List 82016 Book List 92016 Book List 102016 Book List 11

Let’s see what 2016 brings!

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