Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Roald Dahl was born on September 13, 1916, and in addition to being “a spy, an ace fighter pilot, a chocolate historian, and a medical inventor,” he became one of the most beloved children’s authors of all time. His works were primarily illustrated by the great Quentin Blake, and the pairing could not have been more profound, with the wise yet nonsensical stories brought to life through whimsical illustrations. Turned into countless plays, musicals, and even an opera or two, his stories will continue to enchant and inspire generations to come. Click on a cover below to receive more information about some of my favorite Dahl books. Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Charlie _ the Chocolate Factory

5 lucky winners get to enter Mr. Wonka’s chocolate factory, but only one will come out the ultimate winner.

Ages 8+
A brilliant and sweet but misunderstood little girl stands up against the biggest  bully of them all – the school headmistress. Ages 8+
James _ the Giant Peach

Orphan James is whisked away on an adventure thanks to the magic of new friends (and a giant peach).

Ages 8+
Enormous Crocodile

Roald Dahl wrote picture books, too! This sneaky crocodile loves to play tricks but his friends have the last laugh. Ages 7+

revolting rhymes
Move over Shel Silverstein!
You will never look at fairy tales or children’s poetry the same once you’ve read Roald Dahl’s version. Ages 6+
BFG Journal

Featuring Quentin Blake’s art from the original BFG story, this journal is perfect for children to write stories of their own. Ages 8+

Wonderful_ Wicked_ _ Whizzpopping

New in 2017, this book details the stories behind some of the most beloved children’s tales of all time. A wonderful companion book to the original novels. Ages 8+

Roald Dahl Dictionary

No ordinary dictionary, this version defines all the terms Roald Dahl himself made up – like whizzpopping – in addition to exploring synonyms, antonyms, and where words came from. Ages 9+

Who Was Roald Dahl_

Looking for more Roald Dahl information? Read this biography that tells you all about the man who became one of the most famous children’s authors ever. Ages 8+

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