2015 Goodreads Stats

2012: 42 books 2013: 48 books 2014: 135 books 2015: 154 books It hardly comes as a surprise but 2015 was the year of reading bodice-ripping romance novels, which probably explains why I read 154 books this year! Only a few novels were children books, even fewer YA, mostly mysteries, paranormal romances, motorcycle romances, and … Continue reading 2015 Goodreads Stats


New Zealand’s Canvas Magazine Recommends

As part of my year-long adventure in New Zealand, I'm on a hunt to read more books by New Zealand authors, set in New Zealand, ones that mention New Zealand in a footnote, are recommended by Kiwis, etc. So, on one of my recent days off, I sat down with my first New Zealand book-centric … Continue reading New Zealand’s Canvas Magazine Recommends

Winter (Snow + Christmas) Children’s Books from Penguin Random House

For those of you celebrating the Christmas season in a snowy climate, have I got the books for you! That will not be me this year, as am I spending the year in New Zealand, where temperatures can be in the 80s and 90s (that's Fahrenheit, folks) on Christmas Day. Who knows, I might spend … Continue reading Winter (Snow + Christmas) Children’s Books from Penguin Random House

November New Releases

Here are the books I'm particularly excited about that will be coming out in November: ¬†Manners & Mutiny, Book 4, Finishing School¬†series by Gail Carriger I've waxed poetic about Gail Carriger's books many times before (here's a short review of the first book she ever put out, Soulless), and have made no secret of the … Continue reading November New Releases

WildlyRead in New Zealand!

I love it when apparently disparate parts of my life intersect. One of my favorite intersections is when my reading life and my travel life come together. You can be sure that over the next few months, as I get ready to leave for New Zealand in the fall, I'll be posting lots of things … Continue reading WildlyRead in New Zealand!

New Release: Blood Magick by Nora Roberts

I'm a huge fan of everything Nora Roberts writes, whether its futuristic murder mysteries under her pseudonym, JD Robb, or her romances with touches of magic, or her contemporary romantic-thrillers. This is the final book in a trilogy filled with magic, set in Ireland, somewhat reminiscent of her Key trilogy, but equally delightful. Blook Magick, … Continue reading New Release: Blood Magick by Nora Roberts

New Release: The Iron Trial by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Tuesday is new book release day! Today is particularly special, as two books by favorite authors are dropping, including this one which is a two author special. Rock stars Holly Black & Cassandra Clare have teamed up for their first full-length collaboration: Book 1 in the Magesterium series, The Iron Trial. Publisher: Scholastic, 9780857532503 Book … Continue reading New Release: The Iron Trial by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare