Deliciously Long and Delightful Titles of Intriguing Children’s Novels

I began collecting deliciously long and delightful titles of children's books that I just knew I had to love based soley on that one distinguishing characteristic. Here are a few that I recommend primarily for readers who are between the ages of 8 and 12 and love to read about girls doing and learning and having adventures.

2015 Penguin Random House Children’s Books

In looking over the Penguin Random House list of children's books published in 2015, I came across some online that I've not encountered in real life. Here are the titles that got me most excited. I'll be hunting these down from my local bookstore or library very soon. This is Sadie Sara O'Leary, illustrated by … Continue reading 2015 Penguin Random House Children’s Books

Magic, Princess, Fairy, + Other Girly Books (that don’t make you gag)

By a show of hands, who is tired of reading books where everything is pink and sparkly and lacy and fairy-y and princess-y and magic-y but have absolutely no real substance of any kind in them?

Funny + Charming Books for Children Age 6-10

Today, I had the pleasure of reading Neil Gaiman's Fortunately, The Milk for the first time and laughed out loud, particularly at this line: "We have spoons. Spoons are excellent. Sort of like forks, only not as stabby." -pg. 6 It reminded me of a whole host of books that are equally delightful in their … Continue reading Funny + Charming Books for Children Age 6-10